Monday, September 12, 2005

Total Assets of J-REITs Reach 3 Trillion Yen

The Nikkei reports that the combined assets of J-REITs* has reached 3.1819 trillion yen as of September 8, 2005. There are now 23 listed J-REITs. The newest one, eAsset REIT, financed by Asset Managers Co. and eBank Corp., listed on September 7. As I blogged previously, the newer listings like eAsset are having trouble attaining the high valuations which could be taken for granted for the earlier REITs.

The top five*:
1. Nippon Building Fund, 52 properties, 492.7 bln JPY
2. Japan Real Estate Investment Corp., 51 properties, 408.2 bln JPY
3. Japan Retail Fund Investment Corp., 33 properties, 294.5 bln JPY
4. Japan Prime Realty Investment Corp., 44 properties, 200.6 bln JPY
5. Nomura Real Estate Office Fund, 21 properties, 199.1 bln JPY

(*by acquisition value)
Email me for the complete list of J-REITS and their sponsors.

Full Story - Nikkei Real Estate Market Information: Total Assets of J-REITs Reach 3 Trillion Yen

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